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The Lowdown on Dermapen Mesotherapy

Like coffee and jazz or sand and the sea, Dermapen and mesotherapy are a match made in heaven. Together, they create a facial treatment that remedies all sorts of skin woes. From wrinkles to acne scars, visible pores to hair loss, dermapen mesotherapy is the simple solution.

Second Skin: The Magic of Chemical Peeling

For most people, having ‘flawless skin’ usually means having an acne-free face, a modelesque complexion and an almost inhuman glow. Some would go as far as to layer ten products on their face every day and every night in hopes of waking up to perfect skin. It may be tempting to spend hundreds of pounds […]

What Is Perfect Oral Health?

For many people, the image of oral health is a gleaming white smile. However, the issue of oral health is a far more complicated one. Our oral cavity is composed of many parts. For real oral health, making sure that every part is in tip-top shape is vital. To give you a better idea of […]

The Solution to Dental Bone Loss

    Have you ever wondered what the best dental bone loss solutions are? Ask any dentist: tooth extraction is always the last resort. Dentists will first and foremost always exhaust all options to preserve your tooth, whether it be with a crown or another restorative measure. This is to prevent a series of dental […]

What to Eat Instead: The Best and Worst Sweets for Your Teeth

As a trusted cosmetic dentist in Liverpool, Saving Faces believes that good oral health is the foundation for beautiful teeth. Teeth that are free from cavities and staining give you a sparkling white smile that is sure to turn heads. That is why we encourage everyone to maintain a regular oral hygiene routine to keep […]