Cosmetic Dentures- The Process

There are two types of dentures that Saving Faces can provide: complete dentures for full sets of teeth or partial dentures for individual teeth. The process for fitting dentures is similar regardless of which option you need.

If your teeth need to be removed, this will be the first step of the process, which can be done under local anaesthetic.

Replacement Dentures 

We also offer replacement dentures. These removable trays securely attach to your teeth and gums, and they replace missing teeth. Because they are easily removable, they are easy to clean and maintain. They also last a long time before needing to be replaced.

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We understand that Dentures can be an expensive procedure for many but we don’t want to put barriers up to prevent you from getting a perfect smile. We have teamed up with Chrysalis Finance to help you spread the cost of the procedure. 

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Client Testimonials

  • review rating 5  professional from start too finish would recommend this too everybody bev and anthony and all staff couldnt do enough for you great service 👍👍👍

    thumb Lee Ban

    review rating 5  I am amazed by the outcome of my visit today this is the most professional dentists I have ever visited. My wife has been having her teeth looked at and worked on for over 14 years Andrew fixed them in 12 weeks

    thumb Damon Noone
  • review rating 5  New and well appointed building with good facilities. Reception staff were very friendly. I have been to the dentist for previous cosmetic work and was very pleased with his work.

    thumb Ian Gemmell

    review rating 5  Following a road traffic accident Anthony sorted out damage caused to my teeth. Anthony did an amazing job which I didn't think would be possible. If anyone reading this feels their teeth are beyond repair to create a confident smile you'd be wrong as Anthony can sort it out!!! The reception staff are amazing too. I'd class myself as a nervous patient. I'm not now as my trust in Anthony is 110 percent!

    thumb Jan Wilson
  • review rating 5  I'm mid way through my treatment but I'm very happy with the costs, excellent advice and the teams great attitude to rescuing my teeth.. After being quoted by another dentist a phenomenal amount of money and being charged for consultation , I would recommend Saving Faces for their professional advice all day long..

    thumb Colin Campbell


Yes, your dentures will look like natural teeth in order to help regain the natural beauty of your smile.

It is recommended that, while you are initially getting used to your dentures, you begin by eating soft food sliced into small pieces. Once you get more comfortable with them you will be able to slowly reintroduce your old diet.

The amount of pain you will experience depends on many different circumstances so it is better to pose this question to your dentist after an initial consultation. Some people will find it completely painless while others may experience some irritation during and after the teeth removal.

In the unlikely event your dentures become damaged (for instance, if they are dropped or mishandled) you may be able to take them back for a repair. Stains and chips will be easy to restore but major damage may require a complete replacement of the dentures.

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