What Are Dental Crowns & Bridges?

Dental Crowns, or caps as some people call them, are used to repair teeth that have cracked or are broken. They can also repair teeth that have weakened because of decay, or those that have had root canal treatment carried out.

Our dental crowns in are custom made from very high quality porcelain to fit over the top of the damaged tooth.  This not only gives you back function but restores the tooth to its natural beauty.

Bridges can be used to restore spaces between healthy teeth, fused to the crowns (bridge retainers) either side.

High Quality Cosmetic Dental Crowns

A full consultation is required to assess the exact costs involved.  These will be given in advance of you agreeing to any treatment.

Crown & Bridge FAQ's

Like all dental treatment crowns are dependent on the quality of the tooth they are placed on.  Your dentist will discuss the likely prognosis of any crowns you wish to have.

Yes, by using high quality ceramics we can recreate the depth of colour of your natural teeth.

Minor rotations and deviations of teeth can be disguised with crowns.  It may be better to consider some of our Invisible Brace solutions to gently straighten your own teeth.

Bridges can be used to restore small gaps in your mouth.  It may be more appropriate to use dentures or dental implants.  Your dentist will fully discuss all the options with you.

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