The Fastest and Most Convenient Treatments to Achieve the Perfect Smile

Are you looking for a fast and convenient way to achieve the smile of your dreams? Well, look no more! There are various orthodontic braces available in Liverpool. These innovative braces are your solution to having the perfect smile. Saving Faces offers four of the fastest and most convenient orthodontic braces that straighten teeth in various methods. These four methods are manufactured with different materials and have various benefits that ensure your treatment is comfortable.

Straighten Teeth in Six Months

You may have known that traditional metal braces take at least three years for teeth to align. But, did you know that you can get perfect teeth alignment in just six months? You can achieve this by using the innovative Six Month Smiles. We are proud to be one of the few practices in the UK that offer this fast treatment. Moreover, we are the only certified practice that offers Six Month Smiles in Liverpool.

This device features small, discrete tooth-coloured wires that reduce treatment time by up to 75%. A great aspect of it is that it costs around half the price of traditional metal braces. Whether you have an overbite or a misplaced midline, Six Month Smiles is a great solution for you.

A Virtually Invisible Treatment

If you are worried about your appearance while wearing Six Month Smiles, you may want to consider getting the innovative Invisalign treatment. This treatment uses nearly invisible aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. Its greatest benefit is that you can easily remove it when you are going to brush, floss, drink or eat.

Its treatment process involves several clear aligners that should be changed at two-week intervals. For every set of aligners you use, you are gradually aligning your teeth comfortably and painlessly. After all, sets have been used; you will be left with a perfectly straight smile that will you can be proud of.

Treating Front Teeth

Are you looking for an alternative to invisible braces? If so, you might want to consider getting the Inman aligner. Similar to Invisalign, this device is removable and has one part made of special plastic.

The difference of the Inman aligner and Invisalign is that the Inman aligner uses small nickel titanium springs that maintain a high constant tension while Invisalign does not. Moreover, the Inman aligner is only suitable for treating the top and bottom front teeth only.

If that sounds painful to you, you should know that the treatment shouldn’t be uncomfortable and many become accustomed to the treatment very quickly. This is due to the gentle and steady orthodontic forces made by the aligners. If you want to straighten your front teeth conveniently, the Inman aligner is a great choice for you.

Swift Alignment

If you want speedy treatment, Fastbraces is the device for you. Just like Six Month Smiles, we are one of only a few practices in the country to proudly offer Fastbraces.

This device uses triangular brackets that provide greater flexibility in the wire. It features a unique ‘elbow’ design that delivers greater force in straightening teeth. What makes this treatment different from the other three devices is that it moves the crown and the root of a tooth at the same time. This drastically cuts down treatment time to within three months.

Now that you aware of the four innovative braces we offer, you can now decide which suits you best. To assist you in deciding on which you will use, call 0151 202 766 to book your free consultation.