The Solution to Dental Bone Loss



Have you ever wondered what the best dental bone loss solutions are? Ask any dentist: tooth extraction is always the last resort. Dentists will first and foremost always exhaust all options to preserve your tooth, whether it be with a crown or another restorative measure. This is to prevent a series of dental problems caused by tooth loss, including function loss and bone resorption, a natural process that follows tooth loss. Unfortunately, in cases where the tooth is beyond repair, extraction becomes necessary.

Why Bone Loss?

The alveolar bone, or the bone that forms and supports the tooth, requires stimulation from the teeth to maintain its volume and density. As our teeth come in contact with each other every day, they create small tensions that allow for the continuous rebuilding of the bone.

When a tooth goes missing, you may also lose some of this stimulation which as a result causes the alveolar bone loses weight, height and volume – this is known as bone resorption. It loses around 25% of its width within the first year and about 4-mm of its height over the next few years. If not addressed properly by a professional dentist at Saving Faces, the bone’s volume will continue to decrease, along with the gum tissue.

The Impact of Bone loss

Bone loss can affect you in many ways, starting with the tooth’s functionality. It can impair your ability to chew and speak properly, which worsens as the bone continuously deteriorates. It may also lead to cosmetic problems. The most common issue is known as the facial collapse, which alters your facial bone structure and ages you dramatically. This is why it is imperative to look into effective dental bone loss solutions.

Stimulating the Bone

To arrest bone loss or resorption, there is a need to recover the stimulation of the remaining bone tissue. This is possible through dental implants, which merge and fuse with the tissues for re-stimulation. These titanium tooth roots act as a strong and stable foundation to support a crown, bridge or over-dentures. In effect, it improves your bite support, restores chewing efficiency and prevents shifting of the tooth and all while encouraging bone growth and stimulation.

The Process

Modern dentistry has made the procedure which places a dental implant in your mouth straightforward and the process should not daunt anyone who requires it. A titanium root is anchored to the jaw, in the place of the extracted tooth. This provides the connection to the jaw that will stimulate the surrounding bone area and maintain the structural integrity of the mouth. Upon this natural root is placed the mould which has been tailored not only to match the shape of the extracted tooth but also the colour. Each mould being made specifically for each patient ensures that patients need not fear that the tooth will look or feel out of place.

Although great lengths are taken to save teeth if possible, there are occasions when the tooth is beyond repair and needs to be taken out. Extracting the tooth solves an immediate concern but ensuring that the situation does not worsen in the long run requires a dental implant.

To know if dental implants are a suitable option for you, schedule a consultation with us today. At Saving Faces, we use a number of different dental bone loss solutions that can be tailored to individual needs. Contact our experienced team by calling us on 0151 520 2766.